Oh happy happy joy joy, the pleasures of primal life. And so starts day two of no power. We lost power yesterday at about 7 am. My GF is waiting for an email from the power company advisiting us of when the power is restored. Seriously. And with no power of course comes no well water. Fortunately I put out buckets yesterday to capture rain water for such basic non-drinking needs like washing and toilet flushing so we can save the bottled water for drinking. When the drinking water is gone I may have to shift to rum. Fortunately there is propane and coffee. Add a little swiss miss for a home made cafe mocha and the morning is mostly tolerable. Sigh. Well there is work to do today. Yesterday we cut up most of the downed limbs so GF can haul them off to the burn pile in the back field, bless her, there is a fair amountof hauling to do. All this means there is much carbon to release soon. I need to head in to the hospital to see what’s needed to reopen it. My normal commute is almost a hour. Yesterday 90% of the roads between here and there were closed at one point due to either downed trees or flooding. Okay, I’m being chased out the kitchen, I have chores to do, and then I must head out to the yard, with my warm beverage and a coffee can of hot water, for a little camp bath before I head off to work (day job work). Be safe.