Officially, we’re on the back side of hurricane Dorian as she continues to churn slowly towards the North Carolina coast and the outer banks. Most of our area has been without power for a while now. My town of Dorchester is about 30-ish miles from the coast and we’ve been without power since about 7am. I honestly don’t expect power back until tomorrow maybe. The only connection with the outside world is old school radio and cellphone. It’s kind a weird because people from the company I work for are based on the west coast. They have been calling for reports, which I can’t give them because my work computer is at the hospital, and it’s been shut down since Monday (a holiday), my staff and I are all home in a hurricane stand-by state, waiting for the all-clear (which may come tomorrow). So when they call I have to explain “um, well, there’s like this hurricane thing going on, work is closed, the roads are closed, and it’s literally raining and blowing like … a hurricane … here.” It’s all good. The response every time has been something like “oh yeah! that’s right.” Anyway, we’ve been fortunate here for the most part besides the lack of power, it’s mostly been a windy rain event. The biggest problem on the farm has been downed branches. These are not your normal “city” branches either. Bonafide farm branches here, 6″ or greater. Otherwise all is good, GF, dogs, horses, cats, cows, chickens and chicken egg eating snake are all weathering this well. Maybe when the rain’t let’s up some I go looking for the ego stealing snake. Be safe.