for the hurricane to crawl past us.

It’s been a few days now since the Governor of South Carolina declared a state of emergency and started the wheels rolling to get people off the South Carolina coast. Hurricane Dorian hadn’t even hit the Bahamas yet. The ripple effect is we have been in a state of waiting now for half a week now. The long holiday weekend has made everything a little surreal, a three day weekend slowly drifting longer and longer. I can’t leave as I’m in a recall status, so it’s a waiting game now. Schools are closed as shelters are open, our major interstate highway, I-26, been under lane reversals for the last two days, so travel is by back roads. Hurricane warning & watches are running up the coast from South Florida to Virginia like a racing stripe. And yet Dorian still churns off North Florida, slowly making it’s way up the coast. Make no mistake, Dorian has proven to be a deadly storm. It’s death toll is in the single digits today but sadly, I fully expect it to tragically rise as the Bahamas start their recovery. Locally, we should see the worst of Dorian tomorrow as she slowly grinds past us. Most of our hurricane prep’s are done. Fortunately for us, it looks like we’ll suffer not much more than a glancing blow as she makes her way in to the Atlantic over the next few more days. But for now, we just wait.