Today I just realized I am an international time traveler, as I prepare to travel back in time and home.

Just over a week ago I traveled into the future to visit my daughter. She lives in Okinawa with her husband and my daughter’s daughter which would make her my granddaughter. My daughter’s baby, not my daughter.

Anyway as I’m preparing for my return journey, and I’m trying to explain my itinerary to my girlfriend and it dawned on me, I will be traveling back in time to get home. Kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, but she didn’t time travel. I think her travel was more interdimensional. Anyway the conversation went some thing like this.

Me (on 12/22): Current itinerary sent to your email, the short version being I am scheduled to land back in Charleston 907am on 12/23.

Her: I thought you were getting back Monday morning. Did you change something?

Me (slightly confused because, you know, future): No I didn’t change anything, airlines might have. However I also don’t remember signing up for a 12-hour lay-over either.

Her: 24th silly, Christmas Eve day Monday. They must have changed something.

Me (still the confused one): I land Sunday 12/23. I think. I thought I was leaving 12/21 too? (Hmm)

Her: Okay. You do recall it was Monday when we talked? Are you leaving Saturday now? and you really go back on time to arrive here Sun morning at 9! Interesting.

Me: I don’t know other than I’m starting home to you tomorrow.

(As it starts to dawn on) Me: I’m in the future here! Today is Saturday evening. My Sunday starts tomorrow and will run something like 35 hours.

Future excited Me: I can the tell you the future because I’m so far in to tomorrow. Ask me something! It will be like groundhog day for me. I leave here Sunday morning and land in New York Saturday. So I actually will be going back in time to yesterday tomorrow. Great isn’t it? Oh! This will make me an international time traveler!

Her (the smart one): It’s just a long plane flight.

I’m still adding the title to my resume.