It’s the final leg now, Grand Junction  to Colorado Springs. The highway winding up and through the mountains following the rivers, first the Colorado river, then the Eagle river, then Gore Creek.  the country side and mountain are gorgeous. Small alpine communities  sprinkled through the mountains. Ski lifts dot the mountain sides, running along the long ribbons of now green grass. Later when the snows fall you can imagine the slopes covered in snow and alive with skiers. Now the slopes are quite. all the activity is in the river snaking its way through the mountains. River rafters and fishermen abound. As we descend from the mountains as we approach Denver, and its associated urban civilization. The mountains give way to the plains as we turn southerly toward our destination, Colorado springs. It’s misty and rainy as we arrive at our airbnb, the mountain peaks and the view of the peak are obscured, shrouded in the clouds and veiled in the mist, almost as if the mountain is being coy.

But we have arrived safe and the weather is due to clear in the next day or so. I can’t wait to get a view of the mountain peak.